About The Safety Zone

Working safely is a key part of every chemist’s job. High-profile lab and classroom accidents as well as chemical plant spills and explosions in recent years have certainly highlighted that fact. The Safety Zone covers chemical safety issues in academic and industrial research labs as well as in manufacturing. The only blog of its kind, it serves as a unique forum for exchange and discussion of lab and plant safety and accident information. Written primarily by C&EN senior editor Jyllian Kemsley, the blog also includes contributions from other C&EN staff writers as well as health and safety experts in academia, industry, and government.

Author bio:

Jyllian Kemsley turned to science writing after working in the pharmaceutical industry for a couple of years and then receiving her Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry. She now covers science, technology, and education from C&EN’s West Coast News Bureau. She cringes at some of the unsafe stuff she did in the lab and hopes that others will work smarter than she did.

Twitter: jkemsley