Send your favorite chemist a #labsafety valentine

Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

University of California, San Francisco, chemical hygiene officer Caroline Hedge started a thread on lab safety valentines on Twitter, and they were too clever not to share.

💌 @CM_Hedge
Roses are red
Fire is too
Review the SOP
Especially if you’re new

🤢 @CM_Hedge
Your eyes are red
You don’t feel good
Get off the bench
And work in the hood

👀 @AlexFGoldberg
my eyes are itchy
gave them a rub
oh no it’s burning
didn’t take off my glub

😧 @arndt_eric
Glassware is dirty
Nochromix is bubblin’
Spilt some on my arm
Now my lab coat is darkenin’

❤️❤️ @olie_chem
Roses are red
Violets are blue
We have a double glovebox
So you can work too

🔥 @difluorine
Roses are red
Fire is blue
If you happen to be burning
Pb, Ta, Sn, Nb, Ce, Cs, or maybe Cu

🔥 @CM_Hedge
Roses are red
Some metals aren’t mellow
If they catch fire
Use the class D, its yellow

🔥 @ChemistryCayk
Roses are red
Some stuff’s pyrophoric
And if it ignites
We ought to run for it

😀 @CM_Hedge
Roses are red
Nomex lab coats are blue
Wear proper PPE
It’s the right thing to do

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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