What’s your chemical storage story?


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At In the pipeline last week, Derek asked:

So here’s a question to finish off with: what’s the worst/stupidest/most potentially catastrophic chemical storage you’ve had the displeasure of seeing? I think my own might have been when I came across about half a kilo of chromium trioxide baking in an open dish in a drying oven, the same one that people dumped solvent-soaked glassware into regularly. Or maybe it was the moment during my first year of grad school, studying at a little cubicle in an unused lab, and looking up to see that there was an old kilo jar of benzidine next to my head. No, scratch that one, at least it was in a sealed container.

Go read the stories, share your own, and then perhaps see what’s in your lab that could be eliminated.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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