No matter how much you need to pee…

Don’t do this (from an 1850 report in a medical journal):

A bottle in which some potassium had been kept in naphtha, and which had been used up in experiments, was standing in his room; and wishing to urinate without leaving his room, he pulled out the glass stopper and applied his penis to its mouth. The first jet of urine was followed by an explosive sound and flash of fire, and quick as thought the penis was drawn into the bottle with a force and tenacity which held it as firmly as if in a vice. The burning of the potassium created a vacuum instantaneously, and the soft yielding tissue of the penis effectually excluding the air, the bottle acted like a huge cupping glass to this novel portion of the system. The small size of the mouth of the bottle compressed the veins, while the arteries continued to pour their blood into the glans, prepuce, etc. From this cause, and the rarefied air in the bottle, the parts swelled and puffed up to an enormous size.

You can thank @thomasngmorris for finding and sharing the report and @saraheverts for alerting me to it.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. OUCH… What more needs to be said? You (and Arnold Schwarzenegger, in Terminator 3 – mausoleum scene) said it all (DON’T DO THAT)…

  2. JCHAS will not be looking to this as an incident case study. Just sayin’

  3. That’ll leave a mark.

  4. Who wants to write that Lessons Learned?

  5. Way too early for April Fools Day. “And the nomination for Box of Rocks Award is…..”

  6. Based on a Google search, this incident took place in Syracuse, NY, and was reported in a medical journal in 1849 (Boston Medical and Surgical Journal).

  7. I use an empty plastic bottle of mineral water that I recently drank.