Three Florida students burned in flame test demo

Via the Tallahassee Democrat, an incident from last week:

A chemistry experiment gone wrong injured three Lincoln High School students Friday morning.

Leon County Emergency Medical Services responded to the call, along with the Tallahassee Fire Department and the Sheriff’s Office. Two students were admitted to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital with burns suffered during the incident, and another student was released to parental care. Both hospitalized students are in stable condition, confirmed Chris Petley, spokesman for Leon County Schools.

A flame test being demonstrated by an experienced teacher during an AP chemistry class resulted in the accident.

The experiment is performed underneath a fume hood on a lab bench. A flammable solvent – in Friday’s accident it was alcohol – is used to ignite the flame. But it also creates the conditions for a flash fire.

Once again: Here’s the safer way to do the demo, by soaking wooden applicators in salt solutions.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. Oh no! I hope that they’re okay! Lab safety is very important.