Trial starts for Texas A&M University at Qatar fatality

Nearly one year ago, Hassan Kamal Hussein died after an incident in an engineering lab at Texas A&M University at Qatar. Doha News now reports that a trial has started in the case. Some details from the Doha News story:

  • Hussein is identified as a laboratory coordinator and he suffered fatal head and neck wounds in an explosion.
  • He was using some sort of equipment that was being installed to produce gasoline (petrol) from natural gas.
  • The department chairman had advised staff not to use the equipment.
  • But apparently Hussein did anyway, and there was a natural gas leak. Although the story says that “using the machinery before it was completely connected to the lab apparatus should not have led to an explosion,” if there was a methane leak, it probably found an ignition source in the lab.
  • The people charged in the case are an unnamed engineer who allegedly tried to fix the equipment, and the equipment’s manufacturer. Both were charged with involuntary manslaughter

I reached out to a few petroleum engineering faculty at other institutions to see if they have any idea what the equipment was, but I haven’t heard back. A prior Doha News story <a href=""says it was a vapor-liquid separator.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. If the individual was considered “staff” and told not to use the equipment, how can anyone but the deceased be blamed? This is an obvious trend in these times, that everyone is held responsible except the victim.