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ACS SF meeting logoThe 248th ACS National Meeting starts on Sunday in San Francisco. Here’s what’s planned for chemical and laboratory safety; the Division of Chemical Health & Safety has its usual CHAS-At-A-Glance ready for printing. You can also find CHAS and the Committee on Chemical Safety in the Expo at booth 425.


  • Division of Chemical Health & Safety executive committee meeting, open to all ACS members, agenda book available here; 8:00-11:30 am, InterContinental, room Union Square
  • DCHAS Awards; 1:30-3:50 pm, InterContinental, room Laurel Hill
    • Relationship between organizational resilience and safety culture
    • It’s been a busy year (in the chemistry department at UC Davis)
    • Keeping freshmen safe: A holistic approach to safety in undergraduate general chemistry
    • Planning accommodations for students with disabilities in chemistry teaching labs
    • Safety Stratus Chemical Hygiene Officer workshop scholarship
  • Ask Dr. Safety: From rules to risk, realistic research safety; 3:55-5:30 pm, InterContinental, room Laurel Hill


  • Committee on Chemical Safety combined open meeting and executive session; 8:30-11:30 am, Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Continental Ballroom 6
  • Supporting and facilitating students and workers with disabilities in the research and teaching laboratory; 1:30-4:55 pm, InterContinental, room Cathedral Hill
    • Developing an inclusive environment for deaf and hard-of-hearing students in undergraduate research programs
    • Helping your autistic graduate student to stay safe in your laboratory
    • Creating a safe environment for service animals in teaching laboratories
    • Choosing the right tool: Accommodations for students with low vision in chemistry teaching labs
    • 3D printing as means of making chemistry accessible to blind students
    • Importance of complete accessibility and independence in the laboratory
  • Sci-Mix; 8:00-10:00 pm, Moscone North, Hall D
    • Hazards associated with hydrogenation reactions
    • Enhancing safety in academic research laboratories: Creating a student based safety committee
    • Not all eye protection is born equal: Efficacy of glasses, goggles, and face shields
    • Division of Chemical Health and Safety
    • New developments in chemical management


  • Greening our laboratories: How and why?; 9:00-11:45 am, InterContinental, room Cathedral Hill
    • Green chemistry is safe chemistry
    • Green lab certification: Defining and incentivizing best practices
    • Green labs self-assessment tool: Collaboratively developed, comprehensive and uniform
    • Cornell green labs: Engaging students
    • Managing lab ventilation to balance safety and sustainability
    • Greening a modern multi-discipline research building in New York City
    • Recycling in teaching laboratories, easier than we thought
  • How far we’ve come: A retrospective of laboratory safety over the decades; 1:30-4:55 pm, InterContinental, room Cathedral Hill
    • Lucky to be alive
    • Decades and decades and decades of chemical safety: Where have we been and where are we going?
    • Environmental revolution of the 1970s: A paradigm shift
    • Communicating safety information
    • Laboratory safety and safety education: Past, present, future
    • Transformation of a laboratory safety program: From “old school” to a more effective approach
    • PPE: Outfitting UC’s laboratory heroes
    • Laboratory incidents in the press: What do they tell us?
    • Targeted safety assessments through technology
  • Reception sponsored by ACS divisions CHAS, Business Development & Management, Small Chemical Businesses, and Professional Relations, open to all ACS members; 5:30-7:30 pm, Marriott Union Square, Savoy Ballroom (30th floor)

Note that the meeting hotels include three Marriotts, two Hiltons, two Hyatts, and two Westins. Make sure you know which one you want! Here’s the hotel and shuttle map.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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