#ACSDenver meeting chemical safety presentations

The ACS Mole hangs out with the Denver convention center's big blue bear. Credit: Linda Wang/C&EN

The American Chemical Society and the Division of Chemical Health & Safety both have content from the fall ACS meeting now up online. Here are the slides available from CHAS, and I’ve noted the cases where there’s a corresponding recording from ACS. The recordings show the slides, too, in sync.

  • Compressed gases: The orphan hazard (Neal Langerman/Advanced Chemical Safety)
  • Adaptive tools for undergraduate laboratory students with special needs: Case studies from UCSD (Sheila Kennedy/University of California, San Diego)
  • Finally getting it after all these years (Frankie Wood-Black/Trihydro)
  • Improving laboratory safety through mini-scale experiments: A case study of New Jersey City University (Aylen Wargniez/New Jersey City University)–recording but no slides on DCHAS site
  • What do we know about the safety culture of (academic) laboratories? (Ralph Stuart/Cornell University/CHAS secretary)–recording
  • It’s not always about chemical safety: Field operations safety (Neal Langerman/Advanced Chemical Safety)–recording
  • It all starts at the top (Kenneth Fivizzani/Nalco)–recording
  • Exposure monitoring techniques for nanomaterials (Joseph Pickel/Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • Applying NIOSH’s nanomaterial sampling methods in the laboratory setting: Preliminary observations (Michael Blumer, National Institute of Standards & Technology)–recording
  • Nanoparticle air monitoring in a university research setting (Catherine Brennan/University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)–recording
  • Lessons from one year’s worth of HAZMAT headlines (Ralph Stuart/Cornell University/CHAS secretary)

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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