“A Highly Energetic Nitrogen-Rich Compound”

Via TOC ROFL, I was amused and impressed by the TOC graphic of a paper out at Inorganic Chemistry today by Thomas M. Klapötke and Davin G. Piercey: 1,1′-Azobis(tetrazole): A Highly Energetic Nitrogen-Rich Compound with a N10 Chain

From the paper:

with our N10 compound 4, we experienced several inadvertent explosions during handling such as allowing the dry powder to slide down the inside of a Raman tube or slowing down the rotation rate of a rotary evaporator as 4 crystallized. The material demands the utmost care in handling, and the sensitivities were well below the measurable limit (<<5 N friction and <<1 J impact) of our safety characterization equipment; the material violently explodes when impacted with a 150 g hammer at 2 cm (0.03 J). It is among the most sensitive materials that we have handled.

I’ve written about Klapötke’s lab and his safety protocols before. When he says that a compound is among the more sensitive that he’s handled, it is definitely not something that should be attempted by the average chemist.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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