Twas the night before #acs_sf

I’m spending this evening packing up to head into San Francisco tomorrow for the ACS spring meeting but wanted to take a moment to put up an inaugural blog post and welcome our initial readers! We at C&EN are pretty excited about our new set of blogs, and my co-blogger Jeff and I about The Safety Zone in particular.

Breazeale and Kaufman have the stories and photos to scare anyone into compliance. (Credit: Jyllian Kemsley)

I actually got a bit of a head start on the meeting and headed into Moscone on Friday to attend a day-long laboratory safety workshop sponsored by the Division of Chemical Health & Safety and led by Jim Kaufman and Jack Breazeale of The Laboratory Safety Institute. They covered everything from eyewear to electricity and I’ll undoubtedly be bringing some of what I learned back to the blog (I already brought some of it home–after Jim’s electrical demonstration, I finally addressed the one poorly childproofed electrical outlet in my sons’ room).

In the meantime, though, there’s a meeting to prepare for! For those of you attending, I’ll note that the CHAS sessions are not sequestered way off behind some hotel kitchen this time. Instead, they’re in Moscone West, room 3018, so should be pretty easy to get to if there’s something in the program (pdf) that interests you.

I’m also covering the physical and nuclear chemistry divisions, so I can’t attend everything CHAS has to offer, but I’m eyeing the Teaching Safety sessions on pyrophoric and reactive materials–in particular, I’m told that Sunday afternoon will involve a comparative discussion of the pyrophorics handling videos from UCLA and UCSD. My colleague Linda Wang plans to check out the laboratory design talks. But there are also sessions on safety in undergraduate classrooms and biofuel development, plus an “Ask Dr. Safety” discussion on reproductive toxicity hazards.

I’ll be blogging from the meeting as time and topics allow, but undoubtedly will be outshined by Carmen’s efforts. For now, however, I must go throw another couple of notebooks into my bag.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. The Division of Chemical Health & Safety (CHAS) presented the first session of a symposium on “Handling Air/Water Reactive & Pyrophoric Materials” on Sunday afternoon. Attendance was very good. A series of videos were presented ranging from showing what a t-BuLi release looks like to detailed methods for handling these materials.

    An exciting discussion about PPE, procedures and Best Practices for training was on-going through the symposium.

    The second session of the symposium will be held Wednesday morning – one of the more interesting papers will be “What NOT to do when the Police/DA arrive!”

    Neal Langerman