About The Editors’ Blog

There’s nothing cute about the name of this blog or its contents. The only thing to note about the title is that “Editors” is plural, as both Rudy M. Baum, C&EN editor-in-chief, and A. Maureen Rouhi, C&EN deputy editor-in-chief, will host it.

The content you can always expect to find here is the current week’s editorial. We hope readers will use the Editors’ Blog to add their own point of view on the topic being discussed in the editorial. We’ll do our best to respond to comments as they come in. Occasionally, we’ll post an additional entry during the week when something of interest comes to our attention.

Rudy M. Baum has a B.A. degree in chemistry from Duke University (1975) and spent one year at Georgetown Medical School before deciding to become a writer. He has been with ACS since 1976 and with C&EN since 1980. He has been a production editor, the magazine’s West Coast bureau head, assistant managing editor for science/technology/education coverage, managing editor, deputy editor-in-chief, and, since 2004, editor-in-chief. In his career, he has written about just about every aspect of the chemistry enterprise. His current interests are the chemistry enterprise and its role in society, energy and the environment, the intersection of science and society, and the future of journalism.