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Quite often at Just Another Electron Pusher, we feel compelled to share our opinions on chemistry careers and the world at large, Sometimes helpful, sometimes ranty, but always heartfelt. A sampling follows:

Leaving the bench
Learning from rejection
Downsized pharma jobs not coming back?
Without a net
These alternative careers? Maybe not so much.
Pushing on
This year’s model
A new electron pusher on board: Meet the grad student co-pusher for JAEP
Falling out of love with research
When your employer wants to break off the relationship
Making a Case for the Overqualified
The beauty of transferable skills: How grad school prepares you for careers off the beaten path
The value of internships for non-traditional science careers
Coping with the ups and downs of being in transition
In transition again, but in the best possible way
Permadocs as an alternative career path— plausible or improbable?
Chance favors only the prepared (and clear) mind
Jump in and discover what you love
Take what you can from where you are
You want to do what? Explaining your nontraditional career to the world
Maintaining your personal infrastructure
Making waves: The chemistry of hair perms
Why women leave science (and what’s being done about it)
Successful women chemists and the importance of role models
What are you for Halloween? …um, a chemist
The Quest for a Passionate and Purposeful PhD
The light at the end of the tunnel
2012: Looking forward to major transitions, fun adventures
Networking in the hot tub
Electron Pusher, PhD: Reflections on the Final Defense
Is Grad School Really a Stupid, Stupid Decision?
On the Continually Bleak Chemistry Job Market
How far will you go to stay in science? Let C&EN know!
Awarding nontraditional chemistry
25 years of American Chemical Society goodness
Pushing electrons over to the #Chemcoach carnival
Now it’s official—it’s not a pretty picture out there
Visions of a fictional #foodchem future
How long does it take to make a chemist?
Chemistry graduate school and mental well-being
Web roundup: Nontraditional careers—they’re not just for chemists anymore
From the archives—a surplus of PhDs
A glut of chemists with bachelor’s degrees as well?
The “10K BA” — Is it possible in chemistry?
Work, Coworkers, and Love
I know. Enough with the bad news, already.
A troubling shift in tradition
Why some women may choose not to enter STEM careers
#ChemMovieCarnival – The Absent-Minded Professor
I’ll get around to procrastinating later