Without a net

The time has come, the blogger said
To talk of several sundries
Of posts and time and thesis-es
Of things that are not fun-dries
And if, perchance, I’ll find a job
And when I will be done, please*

I think the real question is not "will she fall over and crash dying to the floor?" but "is she the goat or the monkey?" Image by flickr user destinyuk.

The time comes in every grad student’s life when they must stand up, buckle down, and actually (sigh) graduate.

This time has finally come for me.

Yes, I’ve been “writing my thesis” for a little while now, but that’s been kind of a part-time thing while I ran around and finished up experiments and loose ends and such. But now? No more experiments to do, no more loose ends to weave in, and no more putting it off. I’m finishing this semester (dangit), so it’s time to just get the thesis done. So this is what I am doing, with all the all I’ve got. Everything else will be pushed to the side for the time being.

In the past, the general MO for a graduating student has been to line up a job or post-doc, defend, then scamper along on one’s merry way to the pre-arranged next source of income. But personally, I’ve never been much of a traditionalist. I have no job lined up. There is no internship set up for me to go to.** So I don’t really know what’s going to happen with me come January or so. Like Scarlett O’Hara, I’ve decided not to think about that just now. All the panic that’s banging around the insides of my skull right now is thesis panic, not ohcraphowamIgoingtofeedmyself panic. Again, push to the side, push to the side.

In light of this impending thesismageddon, I’m probably not going to be around much for the next two months or so (I don’t have an exact defense date yet, but expect I will be setting one soon). I’ll likely bop in here or there with a quick link, or maybe a stray profile or two. In the meantime, I highly recommend you read Chemjobber for employment news, The Haystack and In The Pipeline for pharma-related job news, and Garfield minus Garfield for a sense of the absurd.

Words of encouragement, advice, or deep questioning of my intelligence are welcome in the comments.



*We know what this comes from, yes? Yes. Sorry for that last near rhyme. There aren’t a lot of things that rhyme with ‘sundries’.
**I have a couple more applications out, but no emails that say, “Please Leigh, come intern for us please please” quite yet.

Author: Leigh Krietsch Boerner

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  1. Good luck, Leigh. You can do it.


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