This Week (and Last) on CENtral Science: Mea Culpa and a Twofer!

Sorry for the radio silence last week. This overlord was a little overloaded. But to make up for it, here’s a double dose of network highlights.

Tweets of the weeks:



To the network:

Artful Science: A blogging siesta

Cleantech Chemistry: Stop Saying Indonesia is the Third-largest GHG Emitter and Big Growth Seen for Biobased Materials and Chemicals

Grand CENtral: The West Virginia Chemical Spill: Chemists React and Guest Post: “Recent Gender Ruckus Reminds Us To Be Vigilant” by Maureen Rouhi

Newscripts: Amusing News Aliquots (2/21) and Amusing News Aliquots (2/28) and Google Glass Might One Day Diagnose And Track Diseases Like HIV

The Chemical Notebook: The Curious Case Of Cereplast

The Safety Zone: Dow worker death likely due to reaction of trimethylindium with cleaning fluid and Tesoro says CSB lacks jurisdiction to investigate acid leak

The Watch Glass: Chaos research and Hoover’s “Chemistry in Crime Detection” and Olympic antidoping measures and The Chemistry of Learning and Memory

Author: Rachel Pepling

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