Friday Safety Bytes

I spent some time this morning updating my list of lab safety incidents so far this year. Although the list is undoubtedly not comprehensive, it would appear that September and October were not good months for lab safety. I'd be curious to know if there's always a spike in the fall as new students arrive on campuses. The ACS Division of Chemical Health & Safety has added presentations from the NorthEast Regional Meetings, held in Hartford, Conn., this month to its technical archives. Included are presentations on: DCHAS also has presentations up from the ACS National Meeting in August. Last but not least, a terrific video from the University of California, Berkeley, team the Sounds of Science, this time  on lab safety. One complaint is that the song lyrics say "Goggles are a must," but the singer dons glasses. Safety experts say go for the goggles.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. Well, it’s good to see that the puppets are at least wearing goggles. Although, I will point out that the purple fuzzy monster is committing a number of safety crimes, not the least of which is wearing flip-flops and, well, no pants.

  2. I would say yes. Disorientation has an effect. I worked where each project occured in a different hood so that cleanup could occur according to good practices. Unfortunately this has a detrimental effect on acclimation. Of course a supervisor will say no. My experience in athletics strongly supports this and the home field advantage is well accepted but difficult to prove using the fair coin principle. This of course should be a fair flipper study. See Proc Natl Acad Sci ~1998 on rheumatism and weather relationship belief.

  3. It felt rude to throw out a reference so I correct the above to PNAS 93, 2895-2896 1996 under psychology. I also watched the video and loved the purple dog, spot on with so many things.