"Meet The Elements" Video Debuts

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. Who knows how different my life would have been if I had heard Meet The Elements as a kid. I love it! Thanks TMBG! It’s never too late to meet the elements!

  2. I can be drummed out of chemistry for saying this, but that Tom Lehrer song is just. not. funny. There’s no jokes there — it’s just a list put to music. I don’t know why professors keep trying to foist this song on their students.

  3. Chemjobber: You might not be a big enough nerd. Watching more Big Bang Theory will help fix that.

  4. I love them both and plan on using them in my classroom! Tom’s is great because it mixes art and science, a little Gilbert and Sullivan never hurt anyone. Meet the Elements is great because it incorporates real world connections. I am a true geek at heart!

  5. You know, Deb, that might be part of the problem (that even though I know of “a modern major general”, I don’t know the tune.) Still, clever is not funny — funny is funny.

  6. I dig Tom Lehrer, of course, but since TMBG is the greatest band in the history of all known universes, I had to vote for them. Er, They. Nice little taste, since I haven’t gotten around to watching the DVD yet … S:


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