"Meet The Elements" Video Debuts

Eat your heart out, Tom Lehrer. Boing Boing has debuted the music video for the song "Meet the Elements", from They Might Be Giants's new album, "Here Comes Science". Lyrics are here. Which element song rocks your world?(trends)

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. Who knows how different my life would have been if I had heard Meet The Elements as a kid. I love it! Thanks TMBG! It’s never too late to meet the elements!

  2. I can be drummed out of chemistry for saying this, but that Tom Lehrer song is just. not. funny. There’s no jokes there — it’s just a list put to music. I don’t know why professors keep trying to foist this song on their students.

  3. Chemjobber: You might not be a big enough nerd. Watching more Big Bang Theory will help fix that.

  4. I love them both and plan on using them in my classroom! Tom’s is great because it mixes art and science, a little Gilbert and Sullivan never hurt anyone. Meet the Elements is great because it incorporates real world connections. I am a true geek at heart!

  5. You know, Deb, that might be part of the problem (that even though I know of “a modern major general”, I don’t know the tune.) Still, clever is not funny — funny is funny.

  6. I dig Tom Lehrer, of course, but since TMBG is the greatest band in the history of all known universes, I had to vote for them. Er, They. Nice little taste, since I haven’t gotten around to watching the DVD yet … S:


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