Another Emmy For 'Breaking Bad'

If you watched the 61st Emmy Awards last night, you may have come away with a strong sense of déjà vu. The award show was full of repeat wins, including Bryan Cranston once again taking home the golden statuette for “Lead Actor in a Drama Series” for the AMC drama “Breaking Bad." In the series, which is in its third season, Cranston plays terminally ill high school chemistry teacher Walter White, who uses his chemistry knowledge to manufacture meth. “I'm just a poor kid from the Valley," Cranston said in his acceptance speech. " I don't know what I'm doing here. I'm like Cinderfella." Cranston beat out favorites such as Hugh Laurie from "House" and Simon Baker from "The Mentalist." It wasn't a sweep for science, however. Jim Parsons was nominated for "Lead Actor in a Comedy Series" for his role as Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory," but lost out to Alec Baldwin for his work on "30 Rock." Ah, well. Here's betting that Parsons could school Baldwin in a rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock battle any day of the week.

Author: Faith Hayden

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  1. After going through yet another round of “back to school night”s, I am reminded of stark horror of this drama’s chilling premise. Thank God (can I say that?) I don’t watch TV.

    It satisfies my understanding of contemporary Western society, however, to know that the show is walking away with golden statues. “Sustainability” may be the new “progress,” but I would say that “better living” is altogether off the table.