Hire Me–Please!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. During the Academic Employment Initiative poster session at Sci-Mix on Monday night, several graduate students decided to forego the usual research poster and put up a giant CV instead. “I need every bit of help I can get,” said Elliot Ennis, a doctoral student at Middle Tennessee State University, who is looking for a teaching position at a four-year college or university. Here he is next to his poster titled “Elliot Ennis and the Great Job Odyssey”: Ennis1 With so many chemists seeking jobs, C&EN wanted to do our share to help. We gave five randomly selected job seekers 30 seconds to sell themselves. Here are their pitches: Let us know if you’d like to contact any of these job seekers, and we’d be happy to put you in touch!

Author: Linda Wang

Associate Editor, Chemical & Engineering News

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