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Attendees at the ACS national meeting are posting scores of entries each day on Twitter, the 140-character social networking site. I’m tracking these tweets (Twitter posts). I’m using the search term (known in Twitter parlance as the hashtag) for the meeting, which is #ACS_DC. Check it out! Some tweets are personal observations that mirror the experience of hundreds of people at the meeting. Here’s one from Twitter user aurenta, who describes herself as “geeky teacher gal:”
I am completely tired out! #acs_dc has taken all of my energy. Did get swag, though mostly posters. NASA totebag!
The green cloth bag sporting NASA’s logo seems to be the prize give-away at the exposition. Other tweeps (Twitter users) have commented about communications technology in the hands of chemists. Here’s one from willandbeyond:
How it is possible that people can still forget to turn off their cell phones at talks? They need a faraday cage in the auditoriums.
In a similar vein, the magazine ChemistryWorld observed:
Worth noting that some academics haven’t yet learnt how to make power point presentations readable.
Others pass on tidbits garnered from the events they’re attending. For instance, pencehe, whose Twitter profile describes him as “retired chem prof who often wanders off the reservation,” posted a number of tweets, including this one:
D.P.Pursell reported on his work with organic flash cards sent to his students cell phones. 24/7 opportunity to review organic.
Not surprisingly, many meeting-related tweets are emanating from within ACS. The national meeting has its own ID -- ACSNatlMtg – as does the press office -- ACSpressroom. The Journal of the American Chemical Society is J_A_C_S , which is tweeting presentations with meaty chemistry postings like these:
Beta-amino acids adopt traditional secondary and tertiary structures, but are not found in natural proteins.
Heavy atoms + fluorophores + phioto x-linkers (oh my!) -- non-natural a-amino acids incorporated into native proteins.
Sponsors of booths at the Expo are also busy on Twitter encouraging attendees to stop by and learn of their product, see demonstrations of equipment, enter a drawing, or just say hello. Finally, I’m giving a big shout-out to SOCMA (the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates) for tweeting about C&ENtralScience coverage of the meeting.

Author: Cheryl Hogue

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  1. Thanks for the SOCMA shout-out, Cheryl! We enjoyed reading all of the updates from the meeting.