Washington DC skylineI'm posting from the press room at the Fall 2009 ACS National Meeting in Washington, D.C. Sessions have just started up this morning, and C&EN staffers are out in force at the meeting. We'll be watching for exciting chemistry advances that'll appear in the C&EN stories of the future, and of course, we'll be blogging regularly, too. Keep an eye on Twitter- the meeting's hashtag is #ACS_DC. If you're at the meeting, we'd love to hear from you- tell us about the sessions you're excited to attend, or why you're excited about your own work. On Monday between 1 and 1:30PM, I'll be at Café Chemistry in the expo, networking with meeting attendees and talking about what it's like to work at C&EN. Stop on by! Off to my first session- I'm covering organic and medicinal chemistry at the conference and I'll be listening to young investigators' talks. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. People from different part of the world with versatile chemistry background see each other. I can remember the questions/answers session which is really fascinating. The excitement of discussions will create new things. Sharing of the knowledge is the most important part. I can remember even the names and faces of the people participated in peer discussions. I felt excited, inspired and empowered. Discussions are challenging from which i learned unique techniques for lab works and presentations. Today i participated in organic divisions morning sessions, afternoon session and evening poster sessions. Poster session was also too interesting where i discussed with different researchers about my problems and gave some comments to posters.
    So, it is a really unique convergence of laboratory work, creative knowledge and exposure to people regarding research. It seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I met noble laureates, professors and others i had or hadnot heard of. It will create new knowledge and morden scientific society. Programs are very uplifting.

  2. The COMP symposium on Protein Dynamics and Function presents exciting work on the roles of protein dynamics in biological functions. The work collectively is change the traditional paradigm of protein structure-function relations, with dynamics highlighted as the critical link. Essentially, dynamics is recognized as the fourth dimension of the 4-dimensional space-time manifold for elucidating the molecular foundation of biological functions. I hope you would attend some of the Protein Dynamics and Function sessions and report on this paradigm-shifting event.