Organic Chemists Tap the Rockies

I'm in Boulder, Colorado this week for the National Organic Symposium. As I write this, Robert Grubbs is giving his talk to a packed auditorium. Later this afternoon, I'll be joining a group of chemists on a tour of the Coors Brewing Company. I hope the tour guides are prepared for interesting questions. Watch the blog for news and more updates.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. while at the cakebread vineyard in napa, my tour group coincidentally ended up being composed of me, a biomedical engineer and a biochemist. our guide, also coincidentally, was some sort of an engineer. he was amazingly knowledgeable about the science of making wine. it was such a great tour! i’ll be interested to hear how the coors folks manage–ask about what molecule is associated with skunking!

  2. It turns out that the tour was self-guided…. hopefully blog post to come on it anyway though.