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Chemistry and Music; star-crossed lovers? Oh no, never! Here at C&ENtral Science, we love science songs about nanotechnology and the bright future that chemistry can bring. Reciprocating science's ardor for music, the music world's Rolling Stone magazine has ranked chemists and other scientists among those who rock the U.S. as "agents of change." I think it's wonderful that rock 'n rollers and scientists admire one another. But one wonders... How well do science and synthpoprock get along? At a Freezepop concert I attended last week, I was excited to find that science is well-received. In fact, one of the songs (apparently a "true" story, as the lead singer won the science fair at her school) is about human cloning ("Science Genius Girl" is the title). It's one of my new favorites, if only because it mentions Bunsen burners and chemicals (not just "the chemistry between you and me" type of science that so many songs contain). If you do a search, you will find a lot of fan-made videos, this notable one from a high school film class. It's well-choreographed and filmed, but I object to the lack of sterile technique that the girl uses while "cloning," the use of tongs as forceps, and the girl's disregard for chemical safety (gloves, anyone? She does wear goggles, but her lab coat isn't buttoned.). Freezepop's song "Less Talk More Rokk" is featured in Guitar Hero 2, for those die-hard rockers, but it doesn't mention chemistry (unless you count the keg of beer). What's your favourite pop/rock/etc song about science?

Author: Kenneth Moore

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  1. When I was at Rhodia, I rather enjoying writing a little takeoff of “Gloria” on the topic of hazard reviews using Layers of Protection Analysis – LOPA. Have a listen at
    It was recorded at Safety Day last year – where we shut the plant down for a day focused on various safety topics. The 30 or so in attendance were teh background vocals and percussion. Fun time,


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