Chemistry Newsbytes

baby-belly-button.jpgAfter studying 503 pieces of his own belly button fluff, chemist Georg Steinhauser (the fellow who analyzed the wearing away of his wedding band) has discovered why our navels make good lint traps.  Telegraph An easy way to ensure that pricey organic milk isn't just conventional milk that's been relabeled. NY Times Derek Lowe breaks down the recent OPRD smackdown. In the Pipeline Could rotton eggs be the next Viagra? Wired Science Brits announce program to retrain out-of-work scientists to be science teachers. Guardian Chemical engineer tackles big problems while eschewing profits. His first project: Making the antimalarial artemisenin. His next: Biofuels. Newsweek Biotech mogul unearths 13,000-year-old weapons cache in his backyard. LA Times Greener gardeners turn from plastic pots to pots made from cow pies. NY Times