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beam_me_up_scotty.jpgBeam me up Scottie! Teleportation works...for ions. NY Times NSF has some issues with NSFW web surfing. Politico (hat tip to Chemistry Blog for the story and the acronym joke). Brits: Be on the lookout for old bulbs. The Royal Society of Chemistry is offering a $750 reward for Britain's oldest working lightbulb. Guardian Those peanut butter crackers were pretty tasty...until you found out they were recalled. What to do now? Slate Random (and kinda gross) armpit research shows men smell like cheese and women smell like onions. New Scientist The UK's Institution of Chemical Engineers has compiled 10 safe "flash bang" demonstrations to spark high schoolers' interest in science. Guardian It's OK for guys to play the cello again, but the guitar may still be problematic.  (This isn't a chemistry newsbyte, but it turned up in my science RSS feeds, and I just had to share.) LA Times

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