Vocalizing Support (Or Not)

Yesterday, I noticed that the Scientists and Engineers for America Action Fund and ScienceBlogs put together "A Vote for Science" site on YouTube. Scientists of all ilk are sharing who they will be voting for and why. Martie Chalfie, recent co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, was one of the first to share his, ahem, glowing endorsement: So far, all but one of the 25 or so scientists on the site have declared their support for Obama (the lone exception didn’t give her preference but encouraged everyone else to vote for theirs). I'm sure there must be scientists who are pulling for McCain, but they seem to be less vocal than the Obama supporters. Google is even leaving me dry. What's up with that? Why aren't McCain supporters uploading videos to YouTube? I'm not the only one pondering this observation. Check out here and a few quips over at ScienceBlogs.

Author: Rachel Pepling

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