Chemistry Newsbytes

space.jpgEver wondered what outer space smells like? A British chemist is recreating the scent. ITV A sign of the difficult job and funding market out there for scientists: Doug Prasher, whose research provided an essential piece for this year's chemistry Nobel Prize, is driving a courtesy van for a car dealership. NY Times Japanese Nobel Laureates, including Osamu Shimomura and Ryoji Noyori, chat about innovative research, amateur science, and the difference between working in the U.S. and Japan. Daily Yomiuri California chemistry teacher convicted of trying to make meth. Bakersfield Californian Obama and McCain on science and technology. NY Times The chemistry of monogamy - it's all in your head. LA Times When the planet is the reaction flask: Carbon dioxide is changing seawater chemistry. Christian Science Monitor Any prospective grad students out there? This Australian Ph.D. studentship in wine chemistry sound like fun. Nature Jobs