Top 5 For Sunday

Greetings from Philadelphia! A few things we’re excited to see and do today … 1. Tease apart the chemistry behind bad hair days. (9:15 AM, Sheraton Philadelphia City Center, Independence Ballroom C) 2. Hear about a step toward developing a fully synthetic version of the widely used and recently infamous blood thinner heparin (no pig intestines necessary). (1:30 PM, Radisson Plaza-Warwick, Grand Ballroom) 3. Get tips on how to land your first job in industry. (1:30–4:30 PM, Loews, Regency C2) 4. Learn from researchers bridging the gap between basic research and human health. (2–4:30 PM, Philadelphia Marriott, Grand Ballroom Salon E) 5. Look into the history of medicine, preserved at the self-proclaimed “disturbingly informative” Mütter Museum. (19 South 22nd Street)

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. Robert Hicks, the director of the Mutter Museum, was the head of CHF’s Roy Eddleman Institute before being spirited away by the home of medical curiosities. If you think you are eating too much convention food, a visit to the Mutter should curb the heartiest appetite!!