Our Genes Look Great Together

flikr-heart.jpgThe evolution of dating has made, depending on your viewpoint, either a giant technological leap or a bizarre move backward. While online dating sites try to help singles find their companions based on chemistry, in the abstract sense, Swiss start-up company GenePartner wants to match you based on Chemistry, in the literal sense. The basis for finding your special someone? According to their website:

“Prof. Dr. Wedekind recruited female volunteers to smell T-shirts worn by men for three consecutive days and rate them for attractiveness. He then analyzed the particular part of DNA that codes for HLA (human leukocyte antigen) molecules and found that women preferred T-shirts from men whose HLA molecules were most different from their own. Sensing and classifying the HLA genes is something our bodies do automatically and subconsciously.”

The company claims to have found patterns of HLA genes that "attract," by comparing the genes of couples in working relationships, as well as singles.

Their business plan is a bit convoluted. The idea is to complement online dating by including your genetic profile (courtesy of GenePartner for just $199) so that, before bothering to meet someone for a latte, you can know if you’re going to have “chemistry.” How romantic.

Amazingly, this isn’t just for singles. The company wants to test how compatible existing couples are. Hmm. Is this all leading to a new form of break-up? “Sorry baby, it’s not you, it’s your genes.”

Author: Lisa Jarvis

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  1. I can’t decide if its a horrible idea or brilliant…

    Regardless of the science behind it, people might not want to hear that their decisions have genetic links like this.