Chemistry Newsbytes

ostrich-egg.jpgTired of eking out avian flu antibodies from chicken eggs, Japanese professor turns to ostrich eggs, one of which can provide drugs for up to 20,000 people. Daily Yomiuri Scientists find a link between seratonin and SIDS. LA Times The lingering legacy of Bhopal. NY Times Is your recycling pile worth its weight in gold? Japanese researchers use newpaper pulp to recover precious metals from industrial waste solutions. New Scientist Extract DNA from strawberries using household products! The Spittoon (hattip to Wired Science) An epic tale of salt-encrusted birds, a crusading ex-employee, and a chemical company in the desert. San Francisco Chronicle Meet Anton, a supercomputer with 517 specialized processors working simultaneously on molecular dynamics simulations. NY Times The chemicals behind the cosmeceutcial craze. LA Times


  1. WRT the New Scientist item on recovering metals from recycling materials. There has to come a time, pretty soon, I suspect, when “mining landfills” will be commercially viable. It’s something I’ve written about in the past, and a quick Google search revealed plenty of activity in that area.


  2. Household products…can you be more specific?