Chemistry Newsbytes

blingh2o.jpgWater is the new wine. For $33.50 you can get a bottle of "concentrated water" from Hawaii. Washington Post An epic tale of carbon dioxide and climate change from the world of weed research. NY Times Magazine Grossly deformed homegrown veggies in the U.K. linked to aminopyralid-tainted manure. Guardian Subjects of a hallucinogen study report meaningful and spiritual experiences. Baltimore Sun A short, speedy history of amphetamines in the U.S. Chronicle of Higher Education Hey kids, take a lesson from this chemistry student and remember to be careful with those homemade fireworks. Pioneer Press Should students get extra credit for taking hard sciences? Some British curriculum experts seem to think so. Wired Even all of Bill Gates's money may not be enough to solve some of science's biggest challenges. Crosscut Seattle

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  1. When our kids are acting up, I often threaten them with no dinner and instead dry bread and water…I’m going to have to think twice about such idle threats in future.