The Real Excitement At BIO

img_2898.jpg Walking the convention floor this afternoon, I heard a roar rise from somewhere on the floor, seemingly from the direction of the German pavillion. The cause of the commotion? A scientific breakthrough? An exciting deal announcement? Not even close. It seems Germany had been prescient enough to have a huge plasma-screen TV at their booth, and a crowd had gathered to watch Germany play Portugal in the Euro quarter-final.

Author: Lisa Jarvis

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  1. Here in Berlin most people watch the game outside, at cafes, beer gardens or on flatscreen televisions that get dragged out to the street for public community viewing… I’ve joined the hordes for all games but the Portugal one, when I was unfortunately on deadline for work. But I could still hear the roars from all over town anytime anything remotely exciting happened–just reinforcing the fact that everyone but me was having fun!