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Red Retro TVSome of C&EN's readers have expressed concern (subscription required) about the image of chemistry on TV. Now you may have a chance to change that.
Leading cable television network is casting for female scientists (professionals or grad students) to host a reality/documentary series. Smart, energetic, charismatic candidates wanted. No previous media experience required.
The casting company says it can't share additional details because the show is in development and hasn't been announced by the network. They'll be casting for another couple of weeks. If you decide to apply, please let us know how it goes!

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. I think most non-subscribers will switch off and not click any link that is immediately followed by the phrase “subscription required”, couldn’t you open up access to C&EN articles that you blog about here. It would be the logical thing to do and in so doing would expose many more potential members/subscribers to the quality content therein.