Chemistry Newsbytes

mars-soil.jpg Mud from Mars (the planet) could make a happy home for plants. C&EN Scientists from Mars (the candy company) sequence the cacao genome, hoping to make genetically superior chocolate. Washington Post Have you got a spare rotovap? Turn it into a flavor concentrator. CNET Sea spray and tiny marine organisms are cleaning up greenhouse gases in the Caribbean. Guardian In search of more accurate statistics on illicit drug use, chemists head for the sewers. LA Times Don't throw away your compact fluorescent light bulbs--they've got some mercury in them. Take the bulbs to Home Depot instead. NY Times Deceased hobby chemist's home chemical collection draws the attention of local news. Cincinnati Local 12 Forget Red Bull and vodka. Cocktail connoisseurs are getting hyped up on Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur. (Can anybody out there take a mass spec of this stuff? We're curious about which of this beverage's compounds have people buzzing.) Phoenix New Times


  1. Sure, someone provide me with a few bottles and I’ll be more than happy to do a GC-MS.

  2. Delightful.

    “We have a compound to be identified! Can someone help??

    A: “You have my GC-MS.”
    B: “And my NMR.”
    C: “…AND MY AXE!”