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styrofoam-cup.jpgAre styrofoam cups really all that bad? A back-of-the-envelope calculation says no. SciGuy Before you go crazy on the beer at the summertime BBQ, consider this study linking alcohol to mouth and throat cancer. Sciencebase Could a molecule found in chickens be the key to future allergy treatments? BBC Carbon dating reveals that we may grow and shrink, but our number of fat cells stays the same. In the Pipeline An analytical chemist who once worked for the space shuttle program brings his chemical know-how to the kitchen. Orlando Sentinel Smart girls eat fish. ScienceNOW Microfluidics get to work sorting worms. NY Times Have you got a spare high-pressure carbon dioxide gas system? This guy used his to make a toaster cannon. Gizmodo

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  1. Thanks for the link Bethany. I trust your readership will take to time to check out the study in detail as the researchers obviously go into a lot more detail about the actual levels of risks of various factors than I could in a short blog post.