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shower-curtain.jpgAs if getting out of bed and going to work wasn't hard enough, now you have to worry about your shower curtain. LA Times Having trouble getting your work published? Perhaps you should have been working on the Mentos-Diet Coke reaction. New Scientist Metal fires - it's best to let them be. Popular Science Replace your tired old bones with custom-made titanium implants. Guardian Trees are just like us. They prefer the thermostat at 70 degrees too. NPR "Molecular archeology" studies search for allergy relief. Telegraph Sniffing out chemical and biological threats with SPAMS. (No, it's not a Monty Python sketch). Reuters


  1. the deadliness of shower curtains « practical transmutations - [...] of shower curtains By now we’ve all heard that the plastic smell of shower curtains(via C&ENtral Science) is going to…