Back In Blog–ACS Day 1

I'm about as excited as anyone at C&EN about the birth of our permanent blog. It's like returning to my roots, since I didn't so much as work for the school newspaper before they let me show up and start writing about interesting science. I have yet to step into the convention center, but science-wise, I haven't been disappointed. As I'm sure was the case for most National Meeting attendees, most of my small plane was occupied by conference-goers. "She Blinded Me With Science" reader Sam Gerritz recognized me as I was cramming my carryon into the overhead bin. We chatted about various things at the chemistry-biology interface. He's cochairing a Wednesday morning session in the Medicinal Chemistry Division about strategies for turning hits from a biochemical assay into a bona fide lead compound that a pharmaceutical company can unleash its chemistry talent on. I'm covering the Medicinal Division (as well as the Biological Division) for C&EN, so you may hear about sessions in those areas from me over the next few days. I sat next to Juan Noveron from the University of Texas, El Paso. His general chemistry courses include student-led workshops and demos. One demo in particular stuck with me--take a (closed) fish tank, popped popcorn, and a giant fan, and you have a life-size approximation of molecules bouncing around in solution. Noveron's students use this demo to learn about units of concentration. Working with advanced students helps freshmen get chemistry concepts, Noveron says. And they get to eat the popcorn afterward. One last observation--New Orleans is humid. Seriously humid. I have chemical proof--the layer of condensation that has been a permanent fixture on my shoes since getting here. I'm no photographer, so the image below is the best I could do. Hope to see some of you around the convention center! condensation

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. There has been a great void in the blogosphere since “She Blinded me with Science” closed up shop, good to see Carmen’s blogging muscles have not atrophied over the past year.

    That popcorn demonstration sounds like a great idea.