What a GREat experience!

Hey everyone! If you were following along, you’d know that I took the GRE last monday.  It was an… interesting experience.  This was my first computer test, so it was a little refreshing to not have a moderator or be in a room with a bunch of my stressed peers taking the same test at the same time.  Instead, I was sitting in a cubicle with noise-canceling headphones concentrating on my own exam.  I found it pretty fun,...

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How has your week been?  Mine has been GREat!

How has your week been? Mine has been GREat!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the inexcusably long absence from the blog.  Summer time is research time for me, and I’ve (finally) gotten the chance to put in the long hours that I really don’t have the time for during the semester.  Maybe this is just my undergraduate naivete speaking, but to me there’s nothing like working full time in the lab.  It’s just nice to have no distractions.  The warm weather probably...

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Fear and Loathing over Recruitment Weekend

Plain and simple: recruitment weekends are awesome, if not a little bit overwhelming. Generally, there’s 48 hours or less to figure out three important things: Is this the department for me? Which professors would I actually want to work for? How best can I take advantage of free drinks, while not getting too drunk? It’s definitely taxing, especially when you start mixing 1 and 2 with 3. With my first weekend down, here...

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