We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Nor are we in Boston anymore, either. It's certainly been a while, but I'm back! And after: -a very busy summer -packing up all of my worldly possessions into a U Haul -driving nearly 600 miles and 10+ hours (traffic and rain were terrible!) with only a cat as my co-pilot -leaving an old home -establishing a new one -beginning grad school -beginning research (already?! I know!) -getting to know the new boss -all the while wondering if this will be worth the effort, I'm here. I'm officially a grad student, and they're paying me¹ to be here. I've been collecting new 'data' to write about, and letting previous data stew for a while. I think I've reached a good point of stewing, steeping, and fermenting, and I should be able to distill out what Transition States is all about. [1a] Well, not paying much, but they are paying. We'll see how things go, because... [1b] I haven't been paid yet. We get paid at the end of each month we work. Although I've been here since the middle of August, of course orientation didn't count as time worked. It's been a very long month and a half, and although the weather's been alright, I've dubbed this the 'coldest September.'

Author: chiraljones

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  1. So…? Where are you, chiral?

    Good to hear from you on the blog. Hope to hear more soon!

  2. Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing all about where you wound up and how you got there.