What a GREat experience!

Hey everyone! If you were following along, you'd know that I took the GRE last monday.  It was an... interesting experience.  This was my first computer test, so it was a little refreshing to not have a moderator or be in a room with a bunch of my stressed peers taking the same test at the same time.  Instead, I was sitting in a cubicle with noise-canceling headphones concentrating on my own exam.  I found it pretty fun, actually.  I was in the minority, however, as the tension in the waiting room was so thick you could probably cut it with a knife.  Finding out my score immediately after the exam was very refreshing as well, and made for a very fun afternoon (as I didn't have to worry about how I did - I already knew!). The test itself was in some ways challenging.  The prompts for the writing section I found to be topical and interesting to write on - I had no lack of examples to cite, though I may have used far too many from science, and I was able to choose positions I was passionate about.  A word of advice that was passed on to me:  read up on your utopian novels (1984, The Handmaid's Tale, and Fahrenheit 451 to name a few) because they end up being great examples to use for these essays.  I think I might have used them on both. I can't really comment too much on the verbal section for several reasons.   The vocabulary was very challenging, and I had a hard time with the analogies.  However, if you're taking the GRE any time after July, 2011 the verbal section will contain no analogies or antonyms.  This is nice, as those two questions are likely the most difficult on the test.  Also, I'm not entirely sure how important it is for chemistry graduate schools for the verbal section.  But, as I am neither a graduate student or on any admissions boards, I can only speculate. Quantitative was a dream.  I enjoy math, and it was fun to be able to get lots of points on a test by using my knowledge of arithmetic and algebra.  Really fun stuff.  The only thing I wish I did differently was time myself while working through problems.  I ended up rushing at the very end.  But it was really fun.  The fact that if you do well, the problems get harder (another thing they're getting rid of in the new GRE) made it very exciting to get to some really tough questions in the final minutes.  Well, I enjoyed it. Overall, I had a pretty fun time with the GRE.  I didn't take it too seriously, and got scores in the ranges I was expecting, if even a little higher.  If I were to do it all over again, I would do a little more vocab prep for the verbal and spend some more time in the books doing some practice problems, if just to get set with the test directions.  I hope this is helpful to any intrepid undergrads hoping to take the GRE.  If any of you (undergrad, grad, postgrad, ect.) have any advice or fun GRE memories, feel free to post below!  I'm returning in a few short days with a new installment of "What is Chemical Biology" - get pumped!

Author: Sidechain Bob

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