The rumors of my death have been greatly something something…

Why hello there,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, and my apologies to all readers. I’ve been every flavor of busy, and unfortunately I’ve had less time that I’d prefer to write. In the meantime, my co-blogger has had some space to stretch his legs, and I’m very proud of his work.

Regular updates will resume shortly, with tales of large scale chemistry for large scale people, GRE gripes, nitpicking, and calls for overhaul, along with the chilling realization that in two months, I’ll be in a new city, and officially a grad student.

Oh boy!

Author: chiraljones

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  1. Wait! Congrats on grad school! Have you revealed what school you’re attending?

    • Not yet. But fear not! Hints will be dropped, and those who are astutely ‘playing at home’ should be able to put the clues together.