Yale Student Dies in Chemistry Machine Shop

After standing for some time in the rainy streets of Boston, I finally hailed a cab to the airport. As I tried my best to wring myself out, while not making a mess of the cab, the cabbie chattered away into his bluetooth, and the radio was on some news station, barely audible. My ears perked up when I heard "...chemistry...". I leaned a bit closer to the speakers. "...Yale student died..." "Hey, can you turn this up!?," I blurted to the cabbie. "Huh?," he replied. "The radio - can you turn it up?" "Oh, ok," he said, turning the radio up as the news report ended. While we sat, listening to the weather and traffic at an uncomfortably loud volume, I hopped on my space-phone to get the full scoop. Last night, Yale senior Michele Dufault died in an accident in the Sterling Chemistry Lab. Details are unfortunately spotty, and for now, the only chemistry-related news is that the accident occurred in the machine shop, but word on what exactly happened. The full story can be found at the Yale Daily News, and I'll post updates here as they're available. She was an astronomy and physics major, and by all reports, generally awesome. My deepest sympathy to her family, and the Yale community. Stay safe out there.

Author: chiraljones

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