Not at #ACSAnaheim, but still having fun in lab!

Tin foil, it just makes the world go 'round


Look at all that heating tape!

I hope you're all having fun at the ACS conference.  Don't forget to go to Disneyland, and know that we on the east coast are all thinking fondly of you.  This morning I'm "stuck" in lab doing some exciting assays and studying for a Biological Anthropology exam (which I'm taking for the social science credit, due to the fact that I can't handle 'regular' social science classes).  The week before spring break, I got the chance to do a really fun Quantum lab - examining the fluorescence spectra of Iodine gas.  If you've ever done this lab, you know that you have to heat an evacuated chamber up to around 170C - much, much higher than is comfortable.  But you get some pretty cool pictures out of it!  These were taken with a DROID camera, so are not of the best quality.  I hope you can forgive me, blogosphere.

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