Everybody Needs A: PhD

Way back in 1996, Norman Cook (you might know him better by the alias Fatboy Slim) released the album Better Living Through Chemistry, containing the song "Everybody Needs a 303." Although I was only 7 when it was released, I still greatly enjoy the song, and most of the album. Furthermore, the album/track serve as an excellent jump-off point for me to make terrible puns, and share some wisdom. And that's really the most important part...* Although I haven't been doing this whole chemistry thing for that long, I've picked up some good ideas along the way that can make time in/out of lab much more enjoyable. In the effort to better everyone's living while doing chemistry, I'd like to present a series of posts about certain things that everybody 'needs'¹ to help them get by as a researcher in chemistry. 1: 'Needs' is obviously a relative term. Some are serious, some are not, and some are more opinionated than others. *For the music geek, compulsive wikipedia-er: If you're curious, the "303" is the Roland TB-303 synthesizer. It's that bubbly sounding synth, featured most prominently in "Everybody Needs a 303" after the 2:25 mark. Cousin to the TR-808, and -909 drum machines, it's pretty classic/oldschool. So, if you're still curious, go check out it's wander around its wikipedia page or something - it's nifty.

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