Surveys on training and education needs for chemical hazard information

The ACS Divisions of Chemical Health & Safety and Chemical Information are running surveys to gather information about training and education needs relative to chemical hazard information. Safety Zone readers’ contributions would be appreciated!

For trainees/lab workers/students/PIs:
The audience for this survey are those who work with chemicals in laboratories; either as a student, teacher, lab technician, lab supervisor, or researcher. These individuals search for chemical hazard information and use it to make decisions of how they should conduct themselves while using these chemicals. The goal of this survey is to understand what type of chemical hazard information this group needs, where the gaps are in their understanding of what they need and preferred delivery methods of the information for the many different types of laboratory settings.

For trainers/educators/health and safety professionals:
The audience for this survey are those who are responsible for communicating chemical hazard information within their local institution as a health and safety professional, department safety coordinator, lab safety representative, educator or stockroom worker. The goal of this survey is to understand what types of information resources are needed, what communication approaches are in development and what delivery methods are being used.

(Edited to specify which survey PIs should take)

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. When will the results be shared?