“They suffer, confused and unsafe”

The University of Minnesota College of Science & Engineering’s Joint Safety Team just wrapped up a safety video competition. The winning entry was inspired by Sarah McLachlan’s SPCA commercial, created by chemistry department chair William Tolman‘s group and filmed by his son.

Tolman’s group won $50 that he thinks they’ll spend on refreshments. Sadly, the other entries aren’t publicly available.

Here’s my running list of lab safety videos, including several from a similar contest held last year by Minnesota’s department of chemical engineering and materials science.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. Hi Jyllian,

    great post, as always!
    Question: would it be possible to add a “date added column” in, in the list with lab safety videos? That would help me, in finding and checking the latest additions.


  2. Hi Frank–Sure, seems a simple enough thing to include.

  3. Great video! I really dislike these whiny “won’t you save this furry cute little” seal/cat/dog/grad student” commercials with their whiny music on cable. But this one is the exception.

    I’m not sending you any of my money though! 🙂

    Remembering 40 years ago when my classmates discovered that I had access to absolute ethanol (and this university was in a dry county!) – I never gave in though. Maybe it made me the hardhearted professor I am today.