Reactions to the Patrick Harran settlement in the #SheriSangji case

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. Disgusting. They just kept pushing things back and back until the furor died down.

    At the very least the man
    Should never be allowed to run a grad-level research lab ever again.

  2. I have not read the details of the case, but from my experience I can say that university research chemists as a whole can be pretty arrogant when it comes to laboratory safety. (I was a university professor for many years and also have served on a variety of chemical industry safety committees.) Once requirements from this agreement are over I hope he volunteers a lot of his time to doing what he can to help build more safety oriented cultures in university laboratories. I don’t see any purpose in the harsher penalties some wanted to see.

  3. Awful! In the real world( and a laboratory research is the real world) all of us are responsible for our safety. Our safety cannot be delegated to someone else, regardless of the circumstances. The work environment provides the necessary basic safety tools and instructions for individuals to follow, but if these individuals decide to do something that jeopardizes their well being, unless the act he/she is caught in the act it is impossible to stop. Furthermore, the tech represented herself as having the knowledge to complete this task and other similar ones. I am sorry the act cost her life, that is very sad indeed, but to punish the person in charge as if it his doing is also wrong.

  4. Has Professor Harran been placed under a suicide watch? Is there anything that stands in the sway of Craig Hum exacting the death penalty?


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