Dow launches Lab Safety Academy website

Yesterday at the Council for Chemical Research meeting, Dow unveiled a publicly-accessible website with a comprehensive set of lab safety training videos plus additional resources. The website is at More details on the development of the site are in my C&EN story on the project. One tidbit that didn’t make it into the news story: While the video hosts are professional actors, the supporting roles are played by Dow scientists.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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1 Comment

  1. This looks very useful, especially as it deals with some of the more useful aspects of lab safety. I was interested in those areas where we/others have had issues. Unfortunately, “pyrophorics” is not yet available, and the video on vacuum systems did not mention the (often encountered) hazards associated with use of liq N2 as a coolant, such as condensing air (O2).

    Different labs do things differently, but I do wonder if a section on “things that regularly go wrong” is not as valuable as “the right way to do things”. A video based FAQs, for example.

    Good for Dow, and I am sure that others will contribute to help develop and evolve this resource.