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UCLA, Harran arraignment in Sheri Sangji case again delayed

Fourth time, same as the first: Arraignment of the University of California, Los Angeles, and chemistry professor Patrick Harran for felony violations of California labor laws has been postponed once more, reports C&EN SCENE editor Michael Torrice. The charges stem from the death of researcher Sheharbano (Sheri) Sangji three years ago after a fire in Harran’s lab.

Today, the judge first met with all the lawyers out of the courtroom. When they returned, she scheduled a status check-in with the attorneys on July 2 and “plea and arraignment” on July 13, Torrice says.

For those trying to keep track, the defendants previously appeared together to request postponement on Feb. 2, March 7, and April 11. UCLA had one additional prior arraignment date on Jan. 12.



  • Jun 10th 201220:06
    by asdsssa

    good. just because the student was an idiot does not mean the supervisor should suffer.

  • Jun 10th 201223:06
    by Jyllian Kemsley

    @asdsssa – Why do you characterize Sangji (who was not a student) as an “idiot” rather than poorly trained and supervised, as the DA contends?

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