Friday chemical safety round-up

Chemical health and safety news from the past week:

Fires and explosions:

Leaks, spills, and other exposures:

  • Aniline at a DuPont plant in Texas; 26 workers were evaluated for exposure on site and one was transported to a hospital and later released
  • “A chlorinated paraffin solution” at Dover Chemical in Ohio
  • Nitric acid from storage drums at Alpine Metal Finishing Products in Ohio
  • Ether, 4 L, at Boston University’s Metcalf Science Center
  • A New Zealand teenager suffered acid burns to his face after he mixed sulfuric acid with something else, possibly potassium permanganate, in a backyard experiment; “one neighbour said that over the past two years they had heard loud explosions that sounded like rifle fire and had then seen clouds of smoke” and “Another neighbour said they once saw a fireball rise about four metres from the property”

Not covered: meth labs; ammonia leaks; incidents involving floor sealants, cleaning solutions, or pool chemicals; and fires from oil, natural gas, or other fuels

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. Lets hope the kid in new zealand is ok and this is not used as an excuse by the gestapo to take his chemicals.